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Improve your Seamanship Skills by reading up on Ropework and Communications at Sea.

Stay tuned for more skills, such as sailing techniques, maritime safety, docking techniques and more coming soon.


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Stay tuned for DIY Boat Repair tutorials, tips, tricks and more coming soon.


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Stay tuned for Maintenance tutorials, tips, tricks and more coming soon.


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The fun stuff is still under construction, but keep an eye out for facts, lists and stories coming your way soon!

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Boost your knowledge by looking through our glossary where you can look up lots of marine terms or have a look at our print ready reference cards (coming soon) so you can take some cheat sheets with you at sea.


Keep an eye out for some boat plans coming to the Handy Mariner website soon! We’re working on plans for a dinghy as we speak.

If you have boat plans of your own and would like to sell them through our website, send us an email and we’ll be in touch asap.

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Do you have an article on seamanship skills or a great DIY repair tutorial and you would like to spread it on the web? Send it to us! We’re always on the lookout for more knowledge to expand Handy Mariner!

Also, we are actively looking for before and after photo’s of refitted boats, so if your yacht just had a make-over, we’d be happy to post them on the Handy Mariner website!

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