The Bowline is the first knot anyone should learn before going out to sea (or life for that matter). It’s great for attaching lines to sails, hooks, clips, poles and harnesses just to name a few. There’s little this knot can’t do, it’s easy to learn and easy to break, making the bowline the go-to knot of most sailors.

bow line step11. Estimate how much rope you need to create desired loop size.

bowline step22. Create a small loop with a crossing turn, leaving a long working end.

bow line step33. Pass the end of the rope through the small loop from the back to the front.

bow line step44. Pass the end of the rope underneath the standing end.

bow line step55. Cross your working end over the standing end and pass it through the small loop front to back.

bow line step66. Now dress the knot by pulling your working end and standing in opposite directions until your knot is tight. Make sure your working end is long enough not to slip back through the knot and your bowline is done!

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