The Icicle Hitch is a knot used to hang a load off a pole. As long as the load is constant and hanging parallel to the pole, you could even use a tapered pole and hitch should hold, hence the name Icicle Hitch.
You could use this Hitch to for example hoist a pole up the mast for repairs or put a temporary safety line between two railings.

how to tie knots - icicle hitch

1. Make three round turns around the pole.
2. Take the working end to the other side of the round turns and hang it around the pole leaving a bit of slack in this part of your line.
3. Create a bight in the slack part of the rope and pass it behind the standing end and working end.
4. Slide the loop we just created over the end of the pole.
5. Dress the knot by pulling on the standing end and working end.
Any load should by hung or pulled parallel to the pole.

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